New Mythic Take Productions
was founded by
David Whitten and
Jeff MacKey for the
exploration of the art of cinema.


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David Whitten

David Whitten is an artist living and working in Charleston, South Carolina. Working primarily in oils, he is a symbolic-figurative artist who has painted extensively on wood throughout his career.


During the 1990s, Whitten was associated with the Outsider Art movement in its nascent form in Atlanta, and he would later be exhibited in Washington, DC as a member of this loosely defined movement.


False MorningIn 2000, while exhibiting works in and around the nation's capital, Whitten expanded his focus to include three-dimensional aspects works which combine stained glass, hinged and other architectural elements in his presentations.

By 2003, Whitten began working with ceramic sculpture, a medium with which he has continued to work in addition to oils.

Whitten relocated to Charleston, South Carolina in 2005, displaying at Bella Muse Gallery as a multi-media artist, where his collection included painting, collage, ceramic, and polymer clay pieces.

Present and Future

In 2010, Whitten co-founded New Mythic Take Productions, through which he is currently involved in filmmaking, both as an actor and screenwriter, while continuing his work in the visual arts.